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Reservation Terms

General reservation, agreement and cancellation terms for restaurant services and rentals of facilities at Siida and Restaurant Sarrit

To guarantee that the customer will be as pleased as possible with the arrangements for conferences, meetings and restaurant services, we require that the conditions below be met and recommendations followed, unless otherwise agreed.


Terms of payment
Unless otherwise agreed in writing and in advance, the payment will be made in cash or by debit or credit card on the spot. Postpayment on invoice is possible only if the parties have explicitly agreed on it.

A reservation can be made verbally or in writing. A written confirmation of a verbal reservation will always be sent to the customer. The customer who makes the reservation must send a written acceptance of the confirmation within 48 hours, after which the reservation is valid and binding.

The rental of conference/meeting facilities includes:
General lighting, heating, normal consumption of electricity, furniture and equipment (as agreed) and the general cleaning of the facilities.
Unusual decorations, furniture and equipment, constructions and cleaning will be charged for separately. The rental of facilities may also include other equipment and services if they are mentioned in the tender.


We ask you to submit us at the latest a week before the event a detailed program with the following information:
- number of participants
- the conference equipment that will be needed
- the person in charge of the event/contact person
- the extra services that you will want.

If the customer cancels the reservation for facilities or a conference package, the following cancellation fees based on confirmed prices will be charged for the whole time that the reservation concerns:
- cancellation 7 days before the event: no fee
- cancellation 6-2 days (48 hours) before the event: fee 20 %
- cancellation 24 hours before the event: fee 50 %
- no cancellation: fee 50 %


Restaurant services and menus

All restaurant services for an event must be ordered at the latest 7 days before the event starts. If not, we cannot guarantee that the service and the desired menu will be available.

Restaurant services - Number of persons
The order for restaurant services is valid for the number of persons that the customer gives in the order; if the number of persons changes, the customer can give the new number three days before the event. The number of persons that has been confirmed according to these terms will be the basis for the minimum charge. If the restaurant has been informed of a lower number of persons less than three days (72 hours) before the event starts, or not informed at all, the restaurant has the right to charge for the service according to the original agreement.


Special arrangements
If Siida makes special arrangements on the request of the customer (concerning furniture, equipment, constructions, program, etc.), the order will bind the customer to pay the costs of such arrangements. For reservations for events during off-hours, there will be a supervisory fee of € 35/hour or part thereof (Starting 1.1.2015 € 50/hour or part thereof weekdays and € 100/hour or part thereof midweek holidays and Sundays).

The liability of the customer
The customer shall protect the rented facilities, furniture and equipment from damage. The customer is liable for all the damages that the equipment, the personnel, the performers or the audience of the customer cause for the estate and the movable property of the rented facilities. The customer agrees to follow the directions of Siida’s personnel on the use of furniture and equipment. The customer shall appoint a person to be in charge of the event.

Temporary constructions
The customer is not entitled to make changes in the rented facilities; nor is the customer allowed to erect or attach temporary constructions, signs or other things in the facilities without an agreement with Siida.

Transfer of the agreement
The customer is not entitled to transfer the agreement on the rental of facilities, nor relinquish the right to use them, to a third party without the approval of Siida. Even after such an approval has been granted, the customer is responsible for Siida for meeting the conditions of the rental agreement.

Changes to the agreements must always be done in writing and signed by both parties.

Contractual disagreements that cannot be resolved through negotiation will be settled at the District Court of Lapland.

”The siida guaranteed that its members could enjoy their rights without conflicts; it also guaranteed that each member respected the rights of the other members, as well as the decisions and interests of the whole community. The rights and concerns of both the community and individual members were taken into account.”

Pennanen & Näkkäläjärvi: Siiddastallan: From Lapp Communities to Modern Sámi Life, 2003.
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