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Northern Lights Theatre

Every year, something unique is built right behind the Siida Building, in our open-air museum: the snow theatre. This Northern Lights Theatre provides the visitors to Siida and those attending the indigenous film festival Skábmagovat with an unbelievable experience, as they watch films outdoors, in the cold and under aurora borealis and the starry sky.

The Skábmagovat film festival has been held in Inari ever since 1999. In the course of years, the festival has grown into one of the most expected events in Inari, and, indeed, it attracts almost three thousand film enthusiasts to Inari. One of the sights of the film festival is, definitely, the Northern Lights Theatre.

The Northern Lights Theatre, including its seats and screen, is entirely built of snow collected from the surroundings of Siida. Moulds are used when erecting the theatre, and the construction technique has improved incredibly in the course of years. This year, too, building the theatre will take just two weeks. The Northern Lights Theatre has seating for 150 people, with some more people preferring to stand.

At coldest, films have been shown in the snow theatre in –40°C. The audience keeps warm with the help of hot drinks and reindeer hides that cover the seats. You will want to wear warm clothing at the Northern Lights Theatre, but, despite the chilly circumstances, the atmosphere at the theatre is always warm.

The Skábmagovat Festival holds its night shows at the Northern Lights Theatre. In addition to this snow theatre, films are shown in the auditoriums of Siida and the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, and in a smaller Northern Lights Theatre, build this year for the first time, by the Sajos Building. Further information on the event at www.skabmagovat.fi.

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