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For children and students

Northern Lapland is an excellent destination for an educational visit: you can learn about Sámi culture and Arctic nature at the same time. Siida guides groups of schoolchildren and students to the sources of knowledge and insight based on experiences.

The inspiring learning environment of Siida consists of several elements: impressive exhibitions, an open-air museum filled with tradition, diverse events, the colorful culture of the only indigenous people of Europe, and Arctic nature which is beautiful in its barrenness.

Getting acquainted with Siida’s exhibitions supports in many ways the curricula of schools. The focus of the visit can be on cultural anthropology, sciences, history, handicraft, art or languages. For schools, the museum has prepared an educational material, which provides more detailed information on the exhibitions. The material can be downloaded from the website of Siida. We also offer a range of lectures, excursions and other events on the themes of culture and nature that provide further opportunities for learning.

For an extra fee, it is also possible to reserve a two-hour guided tour, which consists of a tour in the permanent exhibitions and a lesson called
"Bures boahtin!" (“Welcome!”) in the North Sámi language. More information about the guided tours in Siida here.

If needed, the cultural interpreter of the Sámi Museum helps tailor a program for visitors coming to the museum. The experts of the Nature Centre provide information on the best excursion destinations in the neighborhood of Siida.

Further information:
Sámi Museum: Áile Aikio, Curator, tel. +358 (0)40 640 2604, aile.aikio(at)samimuseum.fi

Nature Centre: Kirsi Ukkonen, Nature Centre Manager, tel. +358 (0) 206 39 7746, kirsi.ukkonen(at)metsa.fi

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