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Metsähallitus guides and encourages people to exciting experiences in nature

Northern Lapland with its magnificent fells and hills, unharnessed rivers and glittering lakes tempts to enjoy and look for recreation in nature. The Customer Service of Metsähallitus at the Nature Centre Siida is an excellent starting-point for an excursion in nature, a fishing trip and a longer trek. We will give you advice on how to plan an excursion and where to go fishing; we will also tell you what kind of permits you will need.

The Customer Service of the Nature Centre provides information on excursions, hiking, etc. in all of the northernmost Lapland. Through our expertise, we will help you choose the destinations and routes that will be suited for you; we will also give you advice on how to move in nature. We have the latest and the most accurate information on the cross-country conditions of the area, and we can tell you how demanding the routes are and give you information about camp-fire sites and wilderness huts. Our good selection of maps includes a number of trail, outdoor and topographical maps on Northern Lapland and Northern Norway. While you ask us for last-minute tips, you can also report us, for safety reasons, where you plan to hike or go.

Lake Inari, the rivers Juutuanjoki and Näätämöjoki and many lakes in the fell area are dream destinations for fishermen. Our Customer Service will provide you with all the permits that are needed for fishing in these magnificent waters. From us, you can also get hunting and snowmobiling permits and reserve and get the keys for the rental cabins of Metsähallitus.

In Northern Lapland, Metsähallitus also has customer service points in Ivalo and, in summer, at the Nature Hut of Utsjoki.

Contact information for the Customer Service of Metsähallitus:
Tel: +358 (0)206 39 7740
E-mail: siida(at)metsa.fi

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