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Nature Centre Siida’s new exhibition takes us to the waters of the North

Feb 18, 2014 08:44 AM

The exhibition On Waters and Upper Reaches takes us on an excursion to the canoe routes of the northernmost Lapland; it also tells about the water cycle of the region – from small brooks to the Arctic Ocean – in an interesting way. The exhibition is open for the public at Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida from 21 February to 28 September 2014.

Nature Centre Siida’s new exhibition takes us to the waters of the North

Canoeists in river Luttojoki. Photo: Tapio Tynys/Metsähallitus

The water cycle of the northernmost Lapland is introduced to the audience through texts accompanied by beautiful photographs. Water takes the form of fog in the air, raindrops, lakes, ponds, rivers and small brooks. Eventually, it always ends up in the sea. From there water, evaporated by the heat of the sun, ascends into the air – to come later down in the form of rain. This way, water continues its everlasting cycle. In the northernmost Lapland, the waters flow towards the Arctic Ocean.

The exhibition also has another theme: the canoe routes of the Inari–Utsjoki area. Photographs and short texts take us on a trip to the best-known local destinations of paddlers such as the river Ivalojoki and Lake Inari, but also to pearls that are not so well known. Stunning photographs from the rivers Teno and Inarijoki and from Nellim coax to experience these water routes, too, from a canoe or a kayak.

Several videos give life to the exhibition. At a resting place, the visitor can sit down and get acquainted, through the moving images of film, to the canoe routes of Lake Inari and the rivers Ivalojoki and Luttojoki. An interesting sequence is the one shot on substandard film in 1966: a boat trip from Sikovuono Bay via Lake Muddus, the River Kettujoki and Lake Paadar to the River Lemmenjoki. The film has been donated to Metsähallitus from a private collection.

At this exhibition, the visitor will easily be bitten by the canoeing bug!

On Waters and Upper Reaches has been produced by Metsähallitus’s Natural Heritage Services of Lapland.

Metsähallitus Nature Centre, Siida, Inarintie 46, FI-99870 Inari, tel. +358 (0)206 39 7740, siida@metsa.fi, www.siida.fi, www.luontoon.fi

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