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The Open-Air Museum of Capercaillie

Jul 17, 2018 01:04 PM

The Sámi Museum is launching a project called “Ukkometsojen ulkomuseo” (“The Open-Air Museum of Old Male Capercaillie”), which has received funding from the Finnish National Board of Antiquities. Through the project, the Museum will expand the contents and develop the existing services of the Open-Air Museum. The Open-Air Museum is one of the great attractions of Siida in summer. As a result of recent restoration and maintenance work, its meaning has even increased lately.

The Open-Air Museum of Capercaillie

Fox paw trap

The project aims to introduce the visitors to the hunting customs and methods of the Sámi. The traps of the Open-Air Museum’s Hunting Area will be renovated and reconstructed during the summer. The area will also get new information signs. In addition, cuisine will play an important role in the project. In the autumn, the Museum will arrange a game dinner and, in Restaurant Sarrit, days when traditional food is served.  People are interested in traditional food, as well as local food and its clean ingredients, and cuisine is a new field for the Sámi Museum.

The project will go on until the late winter of 2019. More information on the events connected with the project will be available later.

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