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Web Exhibition The Use of Wild Plants Has Been Launched

Mar 25, 2015 11:17 AM

The Sámi Museum Siida has created a web exhibition on the use of wild plants, and the website is now available for the public. The web exhibition Eatnanšaddu – The Sámi and the Use of Wild Plants is based on the plant exhibition of the same name that the Sámi Museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Centre produced together a few years ago.

Web Exhibition The Use of Wild Plants Has Been Launched

Web Exhibition The Use of Wild Plants Has Been Launched

Would you like to know more about the Angelica? Are you familiar with dyeing, or healing with tinder fungus? On the website at www.samimuseum.fi/eatnansaddu we introduce the audience to wild plants used by the Sámi and their habitats and uses. In addition to a comprehensive information package, the website also contains a plant database with the data of approximately 50 wild plants; there is also a task section in which visitors can check how much they know about the wild plants of the north.

The exhibition has been realised as part of the Sápmi Miehtá project that was financed by the European Social Fund and Lapland’s Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The project was run by the Sámi Education Institute, and its purpose was to create a virtual development and learning environment for the Sámi language and culture. The project, which lasted until the end of 2014, created an operations scheme for how to realise distance learning in the Sámi language and culture nationally and how to make use of the Sámi materials of museums and libraries in learning. During the project, the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida created material that can be used in virtual education. Eatnanšáddu – The Use of Wild Plants is one of the learning environments that were published as part of the project; it is also an information website that everyone can access.

– The exhibition Eatnanšaddu that was displayed in Siida some years ago was very popular among the visitors. It contained a lot of information that we can use even today, Museum Director Sari Valkonen says. – Thanks to the project, the knowledge of the exhibition is now available for everyone.

– Now we can all study the data of the website, and, with spring almost here, look at the theme more closely and get ready to collect useful plants already this summer, Valkonen says.

The web exhibition Eatnanšaddu is available in three languages: Finnish, English and North Sámi.


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