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NatureCentreOrganizationNews Harri Koskinen is the exhibition architect for Siida
Designer Harri Koskinen has been selected as the architectural designer for the new permanent exhibition at Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida. The existing exhibition will be renewed in conjunction with the expansion and renovation of Siida and will be completed in April 2022.
VSEvent Who are the Aleuts?
There is a Youth ambassador of the United Nations visiting Sámimuseum and Nature Centre Siida and he is Aleut Carter Price. Carter will tell about his indigenous culture in Alaska.
Exhibition Šäigg - Root Echo sound installation
Šäigg is a collection of newly recorded stories, experiences and leu’dd from Nellim, Keväjärvi and Sevettijärvi. Voices are echoed from within fallen trees, buildings and birdhouse for a goldeneye etc., taking the listener on a journey from one voice to the next.
VSEvent Jubilee Hike of the Piilola Trail
Northern Lapland Nature Centre of Metsähallitus organizes together with Øvre Pasvik National Park Administration, a 10-year jubilee Hike of the Piilola Trail from 30 August to 1 September 2019. The hike starts from the Finnish side of Vätsäri Wilderness Area and ends in Øvre Pasvik National Park in Norway.
VSEvent Concluding seminar of the communal research project in Sevettijärvi
Concluding seminar of the communal research project on the integration of Skolt Sámi in Finland in 1939–1949 in August in connection with the Skolt Sámi settlement celebration in Sevettijärvi. During the week 34. Organizer: Sámi Museum Siida
VSEvent Opening of the summer season of the Skolt Sámi Heritage House in Sevettijärvi
Organizer Sámi Museum Siida
VSEvent Opening of the Christmas season in Inari
Siida’s traditional Christmas event.
VSEvent Ijahis Idja – Indigenous Music Festival
During the weekend, the Sámi Museum will offer music at the Tirro Farmhouse. The programme is connected with the 60th anniversary of the Museum.
VSEvent Siida´s Summer Day on the Inari Weeks
Further information later. Organizer: Sámi Msueum Siida
VSEvent International Museum Day
Free admission day in Siida! On International Museum Day on Sat 18th May we offer you free admission to Siida´s exhibitions at 10 am to 5 pm. Welcome!
VSEvent Opening of the summer season and the 60th anniversary year of the Open-Air Museum
Further information later. Organizer Sámi Museum Siida.
Exhibition Northern lights
The Northern lights -art made by the Inari sámi speaking children
News Item Sámi museum and Nature Center Siida will be renewed
The future will bring us the renovation of the Siida Building, the construction of a restaurant wing and a renewal of our exhibitions. A new Collections Unit will be erected behind the Siida Building. We are right now in the planning phase of this project. The construction of the extension part will start in spring 2020. Until 31.3.2021, Siida will operate just as before.
MuseumOrganizationNews Siida continues to be a popular destination
In 2018, Siida in Inari, Finland, was again visited by a huge number of people. The Sámi Museum, the Northern Lapland Nature Centre and the restaurant Sarrit, all based in Siida, are pleased with the 2018 visitor figures! Siida’s 20th anniversary year with its interesting exhibitions and diverse events attracted the public to a great extent.
MuseumOrganizationNews Exhibition on Sámi handicraft starts Sámi Museum Siida’s exhibition year 2019
The Sámi Museum Siida’s first exhibition of this year, “The Powerful Voices of the Earth”, spotlights Sámi handicraft, or duodji. The crafts created by Jouni S. Laiti, a skilled artisan in the field of traditional Sámi handicraft, offers a view of Sámi crafts today. The exhibition provides the visitor with an opportunity to view modern Sámi handicraft both in a traditional form and as modern art.
Exhibition Arctic Dreams
The Arctic Dreams exhibition introduces the audience to travelling to and architecture in the Finnish North from the 1930s to the 1950s. Looking at the hotels and inns in Lapland, we get an idea of the development of Finnish tourism but also of the international and national influence that affected the character of the country of growth.
Exhibition Sámi mittens
In 2019 Sámi Museum Siida presents Sámi mittens from its collection. The mittens in the collection showcase will be replaced every three months.
Exhibition Inari Sámi Handicraft of the Past and the Present
“Toovláš já tááláš anarâš kietâtyeji – Inari Sámi Handicraft of the Past and the Present” is the first museum exhibition that focuses on Inari Sámi handicraft tradition alone. The exhibition introduces the audience to a rich variety of old and new Inari Sámi handicrafts and methods of crafting. It is produced by the Sámi Museum Siida and will be opened for the public on 14 June 2019.
Exhibition We'll cope
How keep the Sáminess alive under pressure of the majority cultures? What threatens the survival of indigenous livelihoods, languages and cultures? In his photography exhibition Sámi photographer Tomi Guttorm reflects the situation of the Sámi today and in the future
Exhibition Changing Winter
The exhibition helps the visitor to combine existing information about the winter of northern Finland, its animals and landscapes, to the knowledge of the future and to perceive the changes caused by global warming to the northern winter.



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