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Siida – The National Museum of the Finnish Sámi

The Sámi Museum Siida is the national museum of the Sámi and a national special museum in Finland. The Sámi Museum stores the spiritual and material culture of the Finnish Sámi in its collections and presents it to the public through its exhibitions and publications. Its main purpose is to support the identity and the cultural self-esteem of the Sámi.

The Sámi Museum has its main premises at Siida in Inari. Its offices, collections administration, exhibition production and other central activities are located at Siida. The Sámi Museum also has a unit in the western part of the Sámi Area, at Skierri in Hetta in the municipality of Enontekiö. In addition, the Sámi Museum runs the Skolt Sámi Heritage House in Sevettijärvi in the municipality of Inari.

The Sámi Museum has sister museums that document Sámi culture in other Nordic countries and in Russia. The Sámi Museum is also part of the museum network of the indigenous peoples of the world.

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